An overview of the musical evolution in the 60s and 70s

The Leslie created its own unique sound. Striking a single string on an acoustic guitar sounds thin and lifeless, but when a steel string guitar is amplified by a distorted amplifier the characteristic sound becomes a thick rich mixture of discordant harmonics creating a unique spectrum of sound no acoustical instrument can match.

The sound of electric guitar driving small valve amps into overdrive, closely resembles the character of the human voice. Advertisement Music in Led Zeppelin Tour Poster Although glam rock and jazz were busy pushing boundaries, for the most part, was a year rife with nostalgia.

This caused many bass players to experiment with combining different speakers. In the s, the transition to using flat-disc records began. And the most important player in that event was a skinny Jewish kid from Minnesota named Bob Dylanwho had changed his name from Zimmerman and come to New York to seek his fame and fortune.

We often forget that it is not the instruments and voices we are hearing, but a vibrating piece of paper, with an attached coil of wire in a magnetic field. Bands like The Cars and Blondie straddled the line between punk rock and new wave music and started producing hits in the late s.

As the technology advanced, the encoding algorithms became more complex, allowing for things like average and variable bitrate encoding, in which more complex parts of the audio are recorded at a higher bit rate than less complex ones, resulting in higher-quality sound.

Music Played in the 1970's Popular Music From the 70s

Riots, drugs, and violent crowds caused many potentially legendary festivals to be cancelled. The fusion jazz guitar style of Django Reinhardt inspired many, including Les Paul the father of the solid body guitar and over-dub recording.

The audience only hear the PA. Progressive Rock Progressive rock was another popular genre during the s. In their place rose up all sorts of American groups who dressed and sounded just like the Brits, as for instance the Knickerbockers, Beau Brummels, Buckinghams, Sir Douglas Quintet, and Turtles--before the Turtles became famous they used to hang out at bowling alleys and order tea with plenty of milk, speaking in fake English accents and trying to pass themselves off as Gerry and the Pacemakers.

A completely non-pixelated screen. The Phonograph Our story begins, as many do, with Thomas Edison. Youths rebelled against the genre as well and it was not uncommon to see a few music fans sporting "Disco Sucks" T-shirts.

Funk was known for its danceable beats, strange costumes, outrageous personalities and often socially conscious lyrics. In general there were four main pockets of early 60's pop: His thesis advisor issued him a challenge: Although short-lived, this scene did eventually give rise to Bowie, Mott, and T.

When disco fell from grace, it fell fast, and many radio stations held public events dedicated to ridding the world of disco music with symbolic album burnings.

The problem of the PA acting as a barrier between audience and musicians was initially removed but not so today. To obtain un-distorted high power, many bass players had to use solid-state amps when they became available. The Beatles dissolved, suffering internal conflicts.

Then the Beach Boys added vocal harmonies to the surf sound. Americans of all ages were awed by new-fangled video games that first appeared at arcades and then invaded the house, hooked up to the family television.

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By allowing radio stations to run with less space, equipment, and staff than full-service stations, top 40 stations quickly became the norm, especially after higher-fidelity magnetic recording made it feasible to broadcast pre-recorded programs in the s before this, most radio shows were broadcast live for better sound quality.

For this the great turning point wasat the Newport Folk Festival. Launched init pioneered the style of music recommendation service that would grow to become one of the biggest trends in modern music. This album used philosophical lyrics and a variety of musical styles throughout the songs to exhibit the message that they were trying to get across to the listeners.

A few audiophiles criticized the near-CD-quality audio, and the MiniDisc also suffered from a lack of players and pre-recorded albums, the drastic fall of blank CD prices, and most notably, the emergence of MP3 music players.

Analogue synthesizers functioned in real time and were not programmable. This propelled them to Major Rock Band status, and their sound ultimately derived from the Beatles became influential with a wide variety of lesser 70s rock acts AerosmithBad Company, Queen, Rushperhaps contributing to the ossification and final overthrow of the "arena rock" genre by the late 70s.

Amplified music

The first and greatest exponents of this style were the Byrdsa Los Angeles band consisting of former folk singers turned Beatles imitators. The sound emanates deg around the cabinet, creating a psycho-acoustic effect of a greater sound.

The Beach Boys turned their music to an older audience, those who had listened to them in their earlier days. Since people still listening to the classics Rock and Roll will live…Forever.

The small guitar amps designed in the s, US, Fender and UK, Vox AC including an infinite number of copied clones, were and are still used in the opposite manor to how amp manufacturers originally intended their amps to be used, and remains in place to this day. Funk music was known to have no boundaries with psychedelic sounds coming from the likes of George Clinton and his ragtag gang of freaky musicians in Parliament to a more soulful and smooth yet funky sound coming from Rufus and Chaka Khan.

Led Zeppelin Essay Examples. 1, words. 2 pages. An Overview of the Musical Evolution in the '60s and '70s. 1, words. 3 pages. A Biography and Life Work of Led Zeppelin, an American Soldier and Airship Inventor An Analysis of Led Zeppelin One of the Hard Rock Bands of the 70s.

words. 2 pages. An Analysis of the Song. Watch video · The s was a decade marked by the Watergate scandal, the growing women's rights, gay rights and environmental movements, and s fashion and music.

Learn more on Watch video · The s were a tumultuous decade defined by counterculture protests and the civil rights movement, as well as s fashion, music and hairstyles.

Learn more on Track Recording. Multi-track recording, which offers the ability to record multiple performances separately and at different times, reached new levels of complexity in the ’70s.

The s. Those subgenres of pop began towards the end of the ‘60s, but died out in the ’70s. In their place came the subgenre of power pop, a mix of punk rock. In addition to songs of social protest, rock and roll music continued to be popular in America during the nineteen sixties.

The most popular group, however, was not American.

Music Played in the 1970's Popular Music From the 70s An overview of the musical evolution in the 60s and 70s
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