Government regulation of the microsoft corporation essay

Government's Role in Regulating Monopolies like Microsoft

Though the article itself is more oriented toward the patent system, which is indeed considerably worse than the copyright system upon which resides Microsoft's most valuable privileges, the general arguments mostly apply to Information Protectionism in general, and the bibliography contains many publications that tackle the case of copyrights as well as the case of patents [12].

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Five Areas of Government Regulation of Business

If a business has no competition within a certain market, then it becomes a monopoly where it produces the entire market supply of a particular good. By linking to this article, recommending it, talking about it, or commenting on it, you agree to owe me one zillion dollars. Lenard is Vice President for Research.

Remarkably, for all its defects and all the misery it spreads over the world, we must thus reckon Microsoft as the current best thing that market could bring in a world where Information Protectionism rules.

However, there was serious disagreement about what part of the Constitution -- the Commerce Clause, the Judicial Clause, or the taxing power -- was the legal basis for outlawing illegal restraints of trade. Choose Type of service.

Should they be enforced in the high-tech sector of the economy. Finally, the government says they want the public to have a choice of the browser they use. The conspiracy theories that have been offered in place of substantive argument are unsupported by any evidence, and seem incredible on their face.

There is no need for any specific law or any government office to identify and fight such monopolies; on the contrary, such monopolies only exist because some laws and government offices protect the monopolists to the detriment of reluctant customers and of potential competitors.

And the previously considered penalty, consisting in splitting Microsoft into separate companies with a prohibition for these companies to cooperate, was even worse of a measure to take: Some foresee this as an advantage for Microsoft who will be able to sell their products through September.

In our view, it is quite clear that Microsoft has violated the law and harmed consumers. Thus what Government will never ever do, is to challenge privileges before a court.

Is Microsoft a good candidate for such enforcement.

Microsoft Antitrust Court Case Essay

Because the full extent of Microsoft's exclusionary initiatives in the [Internet Access Provider] channel can only be explained by the desire to hinder competition on the merits in the relevant market, those initiatives must be labeled anticompetitive. Consenting adults are prevented from helping each other so as to confer a monopoly to the privilege title holder.

In other words, Judge Jackson found Microsoft guilty of monopolization under Section 2 of the Sherman Act, both because it used illegal means to maintain its operating system monopoly and because it used illegal means to attempt to establish a monopoly in the market for Web browsers.

T he fact of Microsoft's monopoly is important not because having a monopoly is in and of itself illegal, but because only firms that possess such power are able to engage in certain activities that are harmful to consumers. This always happens because legislators and regulators are usually "owned" by big businesses, either through campaign contribution bribery or the promise of future employment.

Keith Poolea professor of political science at the University of Houston, "The legislative history of the Sherman Act is not simple nor clear. Note that in absence of reparations, Microsoft may very well continue to prosper once its privileges are abolished, and though libertarians would prefer that there be reparations, they won't object to the wealth of Microsoft managers in itself, and will reject any attempt by money-grubbers to extract money from Microsoft's past crimes without a due claim showing that Microsoft owes them this money as a reparation for actual damages.

And here, the solution is simple:. Jun 30,  · The U.S. government has set many business regulations in place to protect employees' rights, protect the environment and hold corporations accountable for.

Pros And Cons of Government Regulation essaysPros and Cons of Governmental Regulation How would you like to walk into a store where the conditions are unsanitary, food labels are out of date, and the electrical wires keep tripping you with every step you take?

It would be a nightmare. Thanks to go. Free Essay: Government Regulation of the Microsoft Corporation Does the government have the right to regulate large corporations, namely the Microsoft.

Government Regulations: Do They Help Businesses?

Abstract: We hereby clarify the radical libertarian stance about Microsoft and government, and more generally about explain how the original evil behind Microsoft's monopoly is government intervention in the form of intellectual property privileges, and.

Government Regulation of the Microsoft Corporation Essay example Words | 7 Pages Microsoft Corporation Does the government have the right to regulate large corporations, namely the Microsoft Corporation? Essay about Government Regulation of the Microsoft Corporation - Government Regulation of the Microsoft Corporation Does the government have the right to regulate large corporations, namely the Microsoft Corporation.

ANTITRUST ACT Essay Government regulation of the microsoft corporation essay
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Government Regulations: Do They Help Businesses?